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From Sumplace New: The Long-Term Travel Podcast

Jon Sumple & Karen Bernhardt-Sumple

Curious about international travel? Want to leave everything behind and become a digital nomad? We — Karen and Jon Sumple — did just that, leaving the USA in July 2018, and our open-ended, long-term travel journey has taken us through Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina Scotland and, now, South Africa. We enjoy living "Sumplace New" every few months because it provides perspective, awareness and understanding. We meet amazing people and witness how they live, work and play. We visit well-known destinations and wander roads less traveled to see where they lead. So why and how are we doing this? What are the obstacles, frustrations and lessons learned? The highlights and insights gleaned from living abroad, yet living locally? Listen in as we share all this and more. We continually challenge ourselves to "do the new" — and we encourage you to do the same, whether it's close to home or the other side of the world.
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