From Sumplace New: The Long-Term Travel Podcast

Pros and cons of travel during COVID-19 (E40)

November 30, 2020 Jon Sumple & Karen Bernhardt-Sumple Episode 40
From Sumplace New: The Long-Term Travel Podcast
Pros and cons of travel during COVID-19 (E40)
Show Notes

Episode 40! Where has the time gone? Seems like the pandemic started just yesterday, no? Speaking of the pandemic, it has wreaked havoc on travel plans around the world. Trips have been cancelled, travel influencers have been grounded, and everyone is yearning for a time when travel restrictions are no more. Despite the frustrations resulting from COVID-19, travel IS possible if you plan correctly and find yourself a member of the "responsible travel" category. In this week's episode, we offer three pros and three cons for travel during COVID-19. There are many more, but we don't have all day to list them. If you are a responsible traveler, travel remains an option. If you're planning a trip, take these pros and cons into consideration:

Pros of travel during COVID-19

  • Less crowded -- You'll have room to move and little wait time at tourist attractions.
  • Ability to negotiate and discover deals -- Many businesses offer discounts to attract customers. You have a lot of leverage, too, as a long-term traveler. Staying a month at an Airbnb will be welcomed, and likely with a discount attached.
  • Stimulate local economies -- Spend money at independent businesses and they will thank you. Since "home" is where we are at the moment, we seek out indy businesses and frequent them to help them stay afloat.

Cons of travel during COVID-19

  • Less crowded -- The pro is also a con since there is not much energy at places that are usually vibrant. There are times we feel like the soul has been sucked out of Edinburgh because it's empty in the evenings when it's usually hopping.
  • Constantly changing restrictions -- Adaptability and flexibility are necessary skills when traveling during a pandemic. Changes occur swiftly, and you need to stay on top of local and national guidelines -- as well as be prepared to move at a moment's notice or ready to hunker down during a lockdown.
  • Travel shaming -- It's real, and the stories of shaming on social media and within families runs rampant. How do you let someone know that you're a responsible traveler? Listen to the episode for our insight.

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